Samsung Galaxy Note 20: We have some concerns…


Samsung Galaxy Note 20: We have some concerns…

While the Note 20 Ultra looks to be a decent, if incremental, update to Samsung’s top-of-the-line Note series, the standard Note 20 is a little concerning. This is still a $1000 phone, but it comes with a plastic back and 60hz 1080p screen, and misses out on the biggest improvements in the Ultra, namely an ultra-low latency S-Pen, expandable storage, and wide-band radio.

Worse is that the Galaxy S20+ 5G is now routinely available for between $600-800 from carriers. So if you’re unwilling or unable to pay the $1300 the Note 20 Ultra will cost, you need to ask yourself, is having the S-pen worth $300 to you? If not, the Note 20 is hard to justify.

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