Investing In Product Companies I Jeff Morris I Pomp Podcast #479


This is an episode of The Pomp Podcast with host Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano and guest, Jeff Morris Jr., the founder and Managing Partner of Chapter One. He was previously the VP of Product, Revenue at Tinder

In this conversation, Jeff and Anthony discuss the product thinking that built the highest grossing app in the app store, why Jeff is so product focused as an investor, what makes a good product, and what Jeff has learned as a solo-capitalist.

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0:00 – BlockFi
0:56 – Background
05:40 – Product Hunt
08:35 – Market Repetition
11:37 – What Makes a Good Product?
16:11 – Market Research
18:42 – Tinder Monetization methods
21:07 – Biggest Success and Failures at Tinder
25:07 – Investments
28:53 – Product vs. Distribution
33:07 – Investing as a Solo Capitalist
37:33 – Investment Round Strategies
39:07 – Success measured in returns?
40:26 – Downsides as a Solo Capitalist
42:03 – Pandemic Effects
43:27 – Thoughts on SF and emerging tech cities (Miami & Austin)
47:13- Where to find Jeff online
48:03 – Twitter Questions
54:22 – Most Important Book You’ve Read
55:2- Sleep Habits *Sponsored by Eight Sleep*
57:58 – Aliens. Believer?
59:18 – Question For Pomp

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