How to Conquer Systemic debt, Asset Bubbles, and Student Loans – Robert Kiyosaki Quarantine Updates


In many ways, millennials are victims of a cruel combination: systemic debt and asset bubbles and an antiquated education on how money works.

The key here is that although money is still not taught in school and that many Millennials still lack basic financial education, there is more opportunity for the Millennial generation to become more wealthy than previous generations.

In this update, Robert further discusses his tweet:

“BOOMERS had it easy. Plenty of jobs-low cost real estate-rising stock market. MILLENNIALS have it hard. 9/11, 2008 real estate crash-now COVID-19. Good news. Millennials tech-savvy. Boomers not. Bitcoin-Block chain-Digital currencies give Millennials head start into the future.”

Robert says, “It’s not too late for Millennials but it starts with financial education and understanding how money works in today’s economy.”

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