Barricades Of Reverse-Ageism We Are Yet To Break | Yash Tiwari | [email protected]


The Youth of today is the torchbearer of our Global Future. But what happens when all the potential and caliber of our youngsters hits the sledgehammer of age-based prejudices and discrimination? That is what this talk speaks about – the hurdles of Youthism and Reverse Ageism that we are yet to break, and how exactly we can do that. Yash Tiwari, 18 years old; is a global youth mentor, mental health awareness advocate, an international record holder, an award-winning author of two books, a public speaker, and a youth influencer. He wrote his critically acclaimed debut novel “A Celebration in Tribulation” written just at the young age of 16.
He has also authored PANDEMIC 2020 – Rife of the Virus; The world’s first fiction novel on the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak, for which he received the “India Book of Records” and several more such awards. He has also been a part of the United Nations 75th year anniversary world peace global initiative. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at