Africa, do we know our next leader? | Ndoni Mcunu | TEDxGreshamPlace

Ndoni talks about not being able to relate to business leader listings of today as there is not enough female representation. She then goes on to question what Africa is doing to ensure that the next African leader is black and is female. What is society doing to ensure that the next leaders are black and are women.

She embarks on a discussion emphasizing the importance to tailor-make solutions for Africa by Africans. She discusses a case study on African hair and how society has had a distorted perspective on African hair because of the lack of Africans driving that narrative.

She also touches on the importance of an African Renaissance and importance of raising awareness about our history as Africans and future African leaders Ndoni Mcunu founder and CEO of BWIS holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Environmental Science and Geography as well as a Master’s Degree in Science (MSc) in Applied Environmental Science. She is currently pursuing a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) at the Global Change and Sustainability Research Institute at Witwatersrand University under the supervision of Professor Bob Scholes. Her research focuses on climate change and its effects on biodiversity conservation and agricultural production for farmers.

She was selected as the 200 Mail and Guardian Young South Africans, under the education sector 2016. She is a Mandela Washington Fellow 2017, selected for her contribution in Civic Leadership development in Africa for her work in BWIS. Miss Mcunu was selected from a pool of 6700 Africans, 1 of 62 in South Africa. She is also a GreenMatter Fellow for her academic research in climate change and agriculture. She has also been listed as the Inspiring Fifty Women in Technology in South Africa, which was issued by the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Her passion and zeal is poverty alleviation through mechanisms such as sustainable food security, agriculture and education. Her core belief is that any form of education changes one’s perspective, way of thinking and empowers them to better their condition, therefore through her skills and knowledge she aims to give back to younger women and change their mind set. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at